Welcome to the CMDI Training Program!

We are very happy for your enrollment and participation in our training program. CARD MRI and its institutions are committed to continuously provide capacity building programs to all its staff and members. Because of this, this training is sponsored by your respective institutions, provided that you abide by the following terms and conditions:

  1. Each participant must actively participate in and complete all scheduled online sessions with the assigned training facilitators of CMDI and submit all requirements within the duration of the training program;
  2. Participants who fail to complete the scheduled online sessions within the time allotted shall be charged by the sponsoring institution for the expenses of joining the training program, the reactivation fee of Php 200.00, and other related expenses;
  3. Participants are expected to provide feedback on the training attended, by accomplishing the evaluation forms given at the end of the training program;
  4. Participants must ensure that all CMDI training materials used and obtained from the training will not be copied, reproduced, distributed, uploaded, downloaded, transferred, sold, or used in any form or by any means without CMDI’s prior written consent, with express attribution to CMDI.

Click the Agree button if you agree on the terms and conditions.

Thank you very much.